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A huge thank you for all you're fantastic donations this morning for our Macmillan Coffee Morning. Thanks to you we have, so far, managed to raise a huge £505.87 for a very worthy cause!


Our Humanities Subject leader:


Mrs Mitchell


We aim to bring history to life at Towngate by immersing children in realistic experiences both in school and on exciting educational visits linked to our topic areas. Children have a real understanding of their place in history and concepts of when events happened in relation to each other are reinforced. 

These are some of the comments pupils have made about History at Towngate Academy:

"We get to ask lots of questions." Year 1

"We enjoy learning about the past and finding out how people used to live." Year 1

"We are curious in all our lessons because we always want to find out more." Year 2

"We use different sources to find out information and facts about historical events." Year 3

"In our lessons we ask lots of questions. It is really interesting learning about the past and life before we were alive." Year 3

"History helps us to discover why the world is like it is today from past events." Year 4

"We want to keep using our curiosity to know more about the past." Year 4

"In History, we show perseverance when we are trying to find out information and if we can't find it straight away we need to keep trying." Year 5

"People visit buildings and museums to find out about History. This allows people opportunities to discover more about History. When we've learnt History in school we tell family and friends about it and then we might get to visit new places to learn more about what we have learnt in school." Year 5

"We've learnt to be tolerant of other people's views when we are discussing History." Year 6

"In our learning we have opportunities to use democracy to ensure everyone has an opportunity to have their say. We sometimes vote and know people can vote to share their opinion." Year 6



Physical, human and environmental geography are taught through topic areas. The children are encouraged to immerse themselves in a variety of learning opportunities to secure their knowledge of places, processes and geographical skills. School visits and focused activities ensure that the children understand through experience and practical application.


These are some of the comments pupils have made about Geography at Towngate Academy:

"In Geography, we ask and answer questions to learn new things about the World." Year 1

"We get to find out new things and explore new things about people and countries." Year 1

"We have learnt to look at maps and atlases to find places in the World and putting places on maps." Year 2

"Going on visits and walking in the local area make learning in Geography really fun and interesting." Year 2

"We used maps/atlases to explore where the cities are in the World." Year 3

"Geography learning allows us to learn about others and to remember/learn to be tolerant of others, especially from other cultures." Year 3

"We've learnt about capital cities in different countries around the World. We had to persevere to find them on maps and atlases." Year 4

"Geography lessons give us lots of opportunities to explore new people and places." Year 4

"In Geography when we work in pairs or groups we have to cooperate and work together." Year 5

"When we were researching about rainforests we had to show perseverance when finding facts out from different sources. We also had to respect people's individual liberty when deciding what we were going to find out about." Year 5

"I have learnt to find places and read maps. I used to find it hard but because I persevered I can now do it." Year 6

"In Geography, we get to explore maps and find out more about the World we live in." Year 6


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