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Our vision: Inspire self-belief, instil moral values and ignite a love for life-long learning. We still have places available for Nursery and Reception starting in September, 2019. Please contact the academy for further information.

Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage 1

In Key Stage One, we aim to build our pupils' confidence to become independent learners and begin to take ownership of their own learning. We strive to ensure all of our children develop confidence with core skills in reading, writing and maths but also to embrace the wider curriculum opportunities on offer here at Towngate Primary Academy. The importance of developing key values and personal beliefs - which make each child unique and special in their own way - at this age are paramount to our curriculum offer here at Towngate.


Who's who?

Year 1 - Miss Johnson and Miss Kilbride

Year 1 / 2 - Miss Lockett, Mrs Stephenson, Mrs Hanley and Miss Barnes

Year 2 - Miss Lane and Mrs Thackrah



We encourage children to be smart in appearance so they are ready to learn. Please see below for a list of our academy uniform:

- White polo shirt or collared shirt.

- Grey trousers, shorts or skirts

- Blue summer dresses or grey pinafore

- Navy blue academy jumper or cardigan.

- Black shoes 


PE Kit

It is important for the children to have correct PE kit - including correct footwear - to fully participate in PE lessons and sporting activities. 


- Black/navy shorts

- White polo shirt or t-shirt.

- Pumps or trainers


- Black / navy shorts or jogging bottoms 

- White polo shirt or t-shirt

- Black or navy hoody/jacket

- Trainers



In Key Stage One, we provide regular homework to ensure children are able to continue their learning at home and consolidate key skills. Homework is set weekly to allow for consistency and routines to be established. We value all support from parents and carers in ensuring the children complete their homework.

- Reading regularly at home with an adult to practice reading strategies taught in the classroom.

- Weekly spellings

- During the year projects are linked to our topic for children to complete at home. 


 Take a look at what we have been up to this week!

22nd March, 2019 

This week we had our amazing inspire afternoon where parents and carers came and joined us for our African clay mask art session. After some basic instructions we were impressed by the creativity of the children and parents. It was a great, messy, fun afternoon but the skills the children displayed in sculpting the clay were fantastic. Here are a few of the comments "Well organised lesson to do joint activity in school. Good craft and imaginative creation." "Thoroughly enjoyed making clay masks - it should be a weekly event. Can't wait for the next session!" Thank you to all those who could attend.


15th March, 2019

In Key Stage 1 this week, we have continued our learning in science to explore the sense of taste. We tasted four different food types to explore sweet, sour, bitter and salty. We discussed our favourite and linked this to the food we eat every day. 


8th March, 2019 

In KS 1 this week Year 2 had a fantastic local walk to the green grocers Sandra’s Cabbage Patch in Ossett. When we arrived Gavin and Lynn who work there were thrilled to see us and we enjoyed looking at the more unusual fruit and vegetables that we hadn’t seen before. Gavin gave us all an apple to eat and the children agreed they were the most delicious apples they had tasted.In science we have continued to explore learning about our bodies but this week we have moved onto learning about our sense of touch. This was made really exciting by trying to guess what was inside some feely trays with our feet!!! Well done KS1 for being super science investigators!


29th March, 2019

This week in Key Stage 1 we have been learning about our sense of sight. We used a blind fold to take our sight away and then we had to rely on our friend to lead us on a little walk. We called this our 'trust walk'. After this we talked about what we would miss seeing if we had no sight. These are our thoughts:


'I would miss seeing all the beautiful things.'

'I would miss seeing my family.'

'I would miss seeing my mummy.' 

'I would miss looking at the flowers and trees.' 


In class 1,2 Hughie said 'I would need a guide dog to help me get around.' 


5th April,2019


In KS 1 this week, we enjoyed finishing our class book 'The Hunter' by Paul Geraghty. All the children over the past few weeks have developed a love of this book and produced some amazing independent writing. This week we retold the story thinking carefully about sequencing ideas, using adjectives, adverbs and using the correct punctuation. 

 I have enjoyed this book because I enjoy learning about wildlife. It made me feel furious and angry that poachers kill the wildlife. We should all try to protect our wildlife'.

 O Carr Year 2

 If we had our own British Values we could go and save our wildlife from danger in the wild. We should all be treated the same even if you are an animal.' 

 A Hirst Year 2

 'I liked it because I liked Jasmina in the book because she helped the baby elephant to feel safe.'

H Crawshaw

26th April,2019

In Key Stage One this week, we are extremely proud of all the children for taking part in the Last Choir Standing event at the Town Hall.  All the staff were thrilled to see how confident the children were and we hope the children enjoyed this experience of singing and performing to a live audience. 
Also this week, we have started our topic on Local Area and we want to thank all those children for bringing their homework back to school. We have found out so many interesting facts about Ossett and how it has changed in the last 100 years. Did you know Ossett had a train station and a cinema? The children’s work will be displayed in the classrooms to share with friends. Thank you for taking the time to complete projects, the children have really enjoyed sharing their information in class as a speaking and listening activity.

3rd May,2019

This week in KS1, we have been learning about how to draw a sketch map in Geography. We now know a sketch map needs a title, a key and map symbols. We are also getting super confident at finding locations on Google maps. We looked for our local area Ossett and then followed a route using compass points north, east, south and west to follow routes around to different places. Well done to everyone!
In science this week, we went into our school grounds to hunt for wild plants. It was amazing! We found dandelions, daisies, buttercups and clover. We tried really hard to identify bramble, dog rose and ivy. Some of us managed this so well done!  You are all super scientists. 

10th May,2019

In KS1 this week, we have been learning about garden plants in science. We have also been looking at the broad bean plants that we planted last week. Class 1's plants are amazing they are growing so tall! Well done Class 1 you must have green fingers! 
In our topic work, we have been learning what an aerial view is and looking on google maps to find our house and zoom in to see our gardens. It was super. Well done to those children who knew their address. Next week we will be learning how to use a compass.

17th May,2019

This week in KS1 we have been learning about evergreen and deciduous trees. We know evergreen trees keep their colour all year round. We went on a tree hunt in our school grounds to look for the different types of trees. We found oak, birch and conifer trees.  In our topic work, we used a compass to find north and then followed directions to different places. We have also planned a route for our local walk from school to Spring Mill.  Well done KS1 for working so hard.

24th May,2019

In KS1 this week, we have been learning how to write a letter. We pretended to be Tiddler's mummy and we had to write a letter to his class teacher - Miss Skate - to apologise for Tiddler being late. We also had to explain to Miss Skate the reasons why he had been late.  In Geography, we looked at how to use an atlas to find certain places in the UK and the world. We drew our own maps of towns and decided where would be best to place a school, playground, church, shops, houses and other landmarks needed in a town. To end our half term topic work on routes and maps we went for our local walk to Spring Mill, following the route we had planned. Well done KS1 for all your amazing learning this half term. We hope you have had fun and enjoyed all the activities you have taken part in.  Have a lovely spring bank break!

14th June, 2019 

This week in Key Stage 1 we have been thinking about the lovely time we had on the last day before the holidays when we went on our local walk to Spring Mill.  It is amazing to have such a wonderful open space on our doorstep. We really enjoyed exploring the wood, wading through the long, wavy grass, balancing on tree logs and climbing trees.  The Year 6 were our buddies for the visit and they helped to look after us.  This week we have been writing a recount and a poem about Spring Mill. One year 2 pupil wrote:  'One beautiful, hot afternoon we slowly walked down to Spring Mill. I was memorized by the beauty. ' A year 1 pupil on the afternoon said, 'this has been amazing Miss Lockett please can we come again I didn't know about Spring Mill.' 
Springmill Going through gates and jumping on the short grass. Clouds above our heads ducking under trees. Climbing trees and jumping off them.          . Over rickety bridges, running free! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, shouted the children. There were many twigs to snap. Jumping in the air! We love outdoor spaces!
J.Parker (Y1)
We will definitely be visiting Spring Mill again this half term as the children showed us great turn taking skills, negotiating skills, challenging themselves and taking risks, which they were in control of. All that we want the children to be able do, as they become independent young people in our school.  Well done Key Stage 1. 

21st June,2019

Key Stage One have been extremely busy this week researching all about sharks in preparation for our trip to The Deep, where we are going to fulfil our school promise to come face to face with a shark. Did you know the smallest shark is 17cm long? We used these facts to create our own fact files and all the teachers are extremely proud of the progress the children are making with their writing. 
Class 2 have been busy this week taking care of our pond. We were shocked to see how much our tadpoles have grown! We have spotted pond skaters, water lice, shrimps and water beetles. We are hoping to develop our pond area further this half term.

28th June 2019

All the staff in KS1 are very proud of the children on our school trip to The Deep. Year 1 had an amazing time coming face to face with a shark. We also watched the divers feeding the sharks at the end of the day.  Year 2 came face to face with Timmy the nurse shark who sleeps all day and wakes at night. The stingrays, swordfish, sharks and turtles all swam above our heads as we stayed and watched the sea life in the amazing glass tunnel. 
All children took part in a workshop about Kal the killer whale who travels around the oceans of the world. On his way, he bumped into friends who needed his help because they had been tangled in pollution and waste that had been thrown into the ocean. It made us all stop and think about how we can care for our world. 
Did you know it takes 2 to 3 years for a banana skin to break down in the ocean?  Did you know fishing line takes over 500 years to break down in the oceans? Did you know a tin can take 300 years to break down in the ocean? 
Remember when we visit the seaside we can all help to keep the seal life safe.

5th July 2019

This week in KS1, we have been using the new science equipment to enable us to have a good look at our pond life. Year 2, are now the experts and will be helping the other children in Year 1 to use the equipment safely.  Year 2 also had a fantastic life skills afternoon making a healthy salad to share with their grown ups. Thank you to all who those who were able to come along and enjoy. Year 1 will be having their life skills afternoon on Wednesday 17th July at 2.30pm. Well done KS 1 you are continuing to work very hard. Keep it up!

12th July 2019

This week in KS1 we have been thinking about teamwork in our KS1 assembly and how we need to work together for the next few weeks before we break up for summer. The assembly helped us to think about our values of unity and simplicity to help us be a good friend on the playground. 
We have also written a thank you letter to The Deep. We wanted to show our appreciation for all the hard work they do to take care of the ocean creatures. In art this week, we added the plastic pollution to our pastel ocean pictures to help us think carefully about keeping our beaches and seas free of litter and rubbish.  Well done KS1 - you have worked very hard this week.

19th July 2019

This week in KS 1 it was lovely for the Year 1 children to be joined by their grown up to take part in the life skills afternoon, making a healthy pizza. The pizzas looked yummy and so I hope you enjoyed eating them at home for your tea. Thank you to Mrs Johnson for organizing the life skills events for both Year 1 and Year 2. 
In art we have continued to work on our weaving activity creating an under the sea background. We are now at the stage of adding detail and they are looking wonderful.  I cannot wait to see them once finished. 
Thank you to all the boys and girls for continuing to work hard all week. The standard of work is very high and all the KS 1 staff are pleased with how hard the children are working right to the end of term. 
One more week then I promise you can have a rest!

25th July 2019

In Key Stage 1 this week we have had a party to celebrate all the hard work Key Stage 1 children have shown during the past year, the teachers are amazed at how well the children have progressed in all areas of the curriculum.  Well done to the children who took part from Key Stage 1 in Towngate's Got Talent, it was an amazing show.  During this show, we also said a fond farewell to Mrs Stephenson who will be sadly missed.  Today she read a story called Memory Bottles to the whole of Key Stage 1 and shared her many fond memories from Towngate with the children.  From all the Staff in Key Stage 1, we hope you have a fantastic Summer Break and we look forward to seeing you all in September and remember to practice your reading!

6th September 2019

Welcome back to our children, parents and carers in KS1. It was lovely to see you all back to start the new school year. This week in KS1, we have had wonderful team building afternoons thinking about some of our values - cooperation, tolerance and patience. We have all made a new friend and have got to know each other in the different KS1 classes. 
Please could we remind you that the children's homework is to read at home each night for about 10 minutes. Please write in the yellow record book and always return to school each day as we sometimes have extra time to do extra reading. 
Thank you to those who attended the 'Meet the teacher' meetings - it was lovely to see you there.



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