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URGENT - Please be aware our school is closed Thursday 14th and 15th January due to the adverse weather. Remote learning on Teams and SeeSaw will be taking place for all pupils.

Key Stage 1


Welcome to Key Stage 1

In Key Stage One, we aim to build our pupils' confidence to become independent learners and begin to take ownership of their own learning. We strive to ensure all of our children develop confidence with core skills in reading, writing and maths but also to embrace the wider curriculum opportunities on offer here at Towngate Primary Academy. The importance of developing key values and personal beliefs - which make each child unique and special in their own way - at this age are paramount to our curriculum offer here at Towngate.



Who's who?

Year 1 - Miss Haigh and Mrs Watters

Year 2 - Miss Lockett and Mrs Thackrah



We encourage children to be smart in appearance so they are ready to learn. Please see below for a list of our academy uniform:

- White polo shirt or collared shirt.

- Grey trousers, shorts or skirts

- Blue summer dresses or grey pinafore

- Navy blue academy jumper or cardigan.

- Black shoes 


PE Kit

It is important for the children to have correct PE kit - including correct footwear - to fully participate in PE lessons and sporting activities. 


- Black/navy shorts

- White polo shirt or t-shirt.

- Pumps or trainers


- Black / navy shorts or jogging bottoms 

- White polo shirt or t-shirt

- Black or navy hoody/jacket

- Trainers


In Key Stage One, we provide regular homework to ensure children are able to continue their learning at home and consolidate key skills. Homework is set weekly to allow for consistency and routines to be established. We value all support from parents and carers in ensuring the children complete their homework.

- Reading regularly at home with an adult to practice reading strategies taught in the classroom.

- Weekly spellings

- During the year projects are linked to our topic for children to complete at home. 



 Take a look at what we have been up to this week!

6th September 2019

Welcome back to our children, parents and carers in KS1. It was lovely to see you all back to start the new school year. This week in KS1, we have had wonderful team building afternoons thinking about some of our values - cooperation, tolerance and patience. We have all made a new friend and have got to know each other in the different KS1 classes. 
Please could we remind you that the children's homework is to read at home each night for about 10 minutes. Please write in the yellow record book and always return to school each day as we sometimes have extra time to do extra reading. 
Thank you to those who attended the 'Meet the teacher' meetings - it was lovely to see you there.

13th September 2019

This week in KS1, we have continued to read our story The Detective Dog.  This week Detective Dog Nell solved a crime and the children did some super reports about how Nell solved the problem.  We have also started our topic and science activities thinking about naming the different continents and oceans of the world. Well done to the Year 2 children who remembered this information from last year's learning!  Well done KS1.

20th September 2019

This week in KS1, the Year 1 children have been busy comparing numbers using the language greater than, fewer than and equals. The Year 2 children have been partitioning 2-digit numbers into tens and ones and have been using base ten to make the numbers to show their understanding of place value. Well done everyone.  In science, we have been learning the meaning of the words herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. The children showed a good understanding by sorting a selection of animals into a Venn diagram.  In geography, we have continued to think about the 7 continents in the world but extended our learning by finding out facts about each one.  Did you know Africa has 54 countries?  Well done everyone you are all remembering the facts in our topic work which is wonderful to hear and see. 

27th Septemebr 2019

In key stage one this week we have enjoyed decorating buns and biscuits for MacMillan coffee morning. Thank you for all your help and support, the children have enjoyed learning about the meaning behind this event. In Year One the children have enjoyed a visit from the school nurse to show them the importance of hand washing and they used a light box to see how germs are spread so easily and where they could be hiding on their hands. Please continue to read at home over the weekend and 5 minutes daily to promote reading skills.

4th October 2019

This week in KS1, the children have been writing a set of instructions about how to look after a dog. We used imperative verbs (bossy words) to write our commands. We have also been thinking about poetry. We have listened to poems and explored writing our own. This links with poetry day, which was on Thursday 3rd October. In maths, we have continued to learn about comparing numbers looking carefully at the tens and ones to help us decide which the greater number is. In Year 1 we have been learning about ordinal numbers, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.  Well done KS1 - you have all worked very hard this week!

11th October 2019

This week in KS 1 we had our amazing trip out to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It was a wonderful day and the children were a credit to their families and the school. Lots of children said thank you during the day for taking them there and one little girl said to her friends, 'This has been the best trip ever.'  We arrived at 10am and spent the whole day outside looking at lots of amazing animals. Our classroom workshop was superb and we all got to hold an amazing creature. We could hold a millipede, giant African land snail, stick insect and a beetle.  Many children said they had faced a fear by holding the creatures (I think some adults did too).  We left the park at 3 and luckily it stayed dry for us all day. Thank you to all the children for their excellent behaviour and manners. Mrs Davies, Miss Haigh and I said it was a pleasure to take them.  Have a lovely weekend.

18th October 2019

This week in Key Stage 1 we had a briiliant Inspire afternoon where parents and careers joined is making the children's favourite animals from their trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The children gained so much new knowledge from the visit and then were able to bring this information back into the classroom to support their learning in science and geography this week. 

Thank you to all the adults who could come, we all had a wonderful, fun time. 

Here are  a few of the comments from the feedback forms:

'Brilliant to spend time in the classroom, he has looked forward to this all week, as I have. Thanks for letting me come into school to do this.' 

'Excellent experience, loved every minute even though I didn't expect to make anything decent! We did, we made a lion! Great fun for the kids also.' 

'It was a great fun, sticky with glue afternoon! We all had a giggle trying to keep our animals standing.'

'I have really enjoyed spending time in the classroom. All the children seem very happy and content and it was lovely. We made a lion.' 

Thank you to all staff, children, parents and carers for this amazing afternoon.

25th October 2019

This week in KS 1 the Year 2 have had an amazing opportunity to take part in the bikeability course. Each day the children have been in small groups experiencing how to ride a balance bike, building their confidence to riding a bike with no support. Thank you to Phil who has led the groups. The children have absolutely loved it!  We have also been writing a missing poster as one of the animals had escaped from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I hope Gary the giraffe is found soon !!!  Well done to all the boys and girls in KS 1 for working so hard for the last 8 weeks. We have all really settled into our new classes now and are beginning to produce some super learning.  Have a lovely week; let's hope we get a bit of autumn sunshine.

8th November 2019

In KS1 this week, we have been learning about parliament. In our Picture news, we discussed who runs our country and whether we could run it in a better way. The children were confident to discuss who is our Prime Minister and thinking about the decisions that are made in the House of Parliament. The children then came up with their ideas.
'I would make sure that people pick up their rubbish to keep our country tidy.'  'I would ask the Queen for more money to help the poor people and the homeless.'  'I would make more things free for people.' 
We turned our classrooms into The Houses of Parliament.  We debated questions and the children had to persuade the other side they were right and why.  It got a little bit heated at times and the speaker of the house had to control the situation.  Take a look at twitter to find out more. 
Well done to all of KS 1 who have shown a super amount of knowledge about how we vote for who we want to run our country and the vocabulary liked to parliament week. Fantastic learning from all. We really enjoyed our lessons on this. 

15th November

In KS1 this week, we had a lovely walk into Ossett to take part in the 2-minute silence for Remembrance Day.  The children gathered around the cenotaph and respectfully stood in silence. The children showed great respect and I was very proud to be a teacher at Towngate and be able to see the whole school taking part. The KS1 children have shown such a good understanding of why we have Remembrance Day and have shown empathy towards the soldiers that gave their lives for a better life for us today.  Well done KS1 I am very proud of you all. 

22nd November

In KS1 this week, we have been learning about how we can use an encyclopaedia to help us in our learning. We have been developing our understanding of the meaning of word contexts, index and glossary. We used the encyclopaedia to find out about mammals, and then we wrote our facts about what we could remember. We are looking forward to finding out about a different group of animals next week!
We have also started practising our Christmas Concert and so far, we have some amazing singing and actors. Well done to all those who are learning their lines at home.

29th November

In KS 1 this week we have been continuing to use the encyclopaedia of animals to find out about elephants and big cats. We researched facts and then put these into our own report writing. 
We have also been learning about the Gunpowder Plot in history. We know who Tom Percy is and how he was involved in the plot. In our classrooms we have a timeline to show us where important dates and people in history fit into time. 
We are continuing to practise for our KS 1 Christmas concert and are looking forward to sharing it with you soon.
Have a lovely weekend.

6th December 

In KS1 this week, we have been learning about the meaning of Advent in RE. We have made an Advent promise to be helpful towards others at school and home. The children enjoyed sharing their promises so I hope you have seen a few more tidy bedrooms as this was a popular wish!     The Year 2 children have been practising adding a 2, two digit numbers using the column addition method, which they have shown a good understanding of. Mrs Davies and I are very proud of the children this week in maths.    In Year 1 we have some amazing young writers. We have been writing about 'the world of birds' and been trying really hard to remember how to use capital letters and full stops all the time!    Our nativity play is coming along nicely and we can't wait to share it with you next week.  Have a lovely weekend


13th December

This week in KS 1, we really enjoyed performing the nativity play 'The Innkeeper’s breakfast’. The children were amazing and thank you for all their hard work learning the lines and songs. Thank you to all the parents for your support in coming to watch the shows and for supporting by buying the raffle tickets. We really appreciate your contributions.  The children are still continuing to work very hard. This week in English, we looked at the encyclopaedia information page about tortoises and turtles. Did you know you their shells are made from bone? The children enjoyed using the book to research their own facts.  We are looking forward to next week and having fun at our Christmas party on Monday.  Have a lovely weekend

20th December

In KS1 this week, we really enjoyed walking into Ossett to sing carols. We were proud to be able to raise money for Age UK. In science, we have been learning about different habitats and how animals adapt to their environments. We then went onto to look at food chains and have learnt three new words, producer, consumer and predator. We had to make our own food chains and label with the science vocabulary. 
Well done everyone you have all worked so hard this week.  Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the staff in KS1. 




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