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Our vision: Inspire self-belief, instil moral values and ignite a love for life-long learning. We still have places available for Nursery and Reception starting in September, 2019. Please contact the academy for further information.


Our Science coordinator is: Mrs Davies


 "I love Science because you find out interesting, new things and get to do exciting experiments!" 

 "Science is important because it lets us be curious and investigate new things and find out why things happen." 


At Towngate Primary Academy, we strive to promote the love of learning science and for children to understand and be curious about the science within their everyday lives. We promote the importance of an investigative approach through regular 'hands on' experiences wherever possible. It is our intention that by the end of each Key Stage, each child will have an understanding of a variety of scientific concepts and be able to confidently discuss them. We aim for all children to work scientifically during lessons and work collaboratively investigating different concepts and ideas.



In order to allow children to reach their full potential, we cover the objectives set out in the Programmes of Study in the National Curriculum. We mix the content knowledge and investigation skills needed to solve science problems and make decisions and predictions based on what they have learned. Our lessons also allow the children to practise their maths and English whilst developing their reasoning and problem solving skills. Also, our values based learning and SMSC is represented through teaching and lessons.


In Year 5 and 6 content is delivered in each year group in accordance with the National Curriculum. In both Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2 the content for each year group in accordance with the National Curriculum is taught across a two year rolling programme that covers all content and skills for working scientifically for the two year groups. Teachers are able to plan units drawing upon a number of resources such as Snap Science, our progressive skills documents and Discovery Dog in KS1, which are all used and amended to meet the needs of the children.


To ensure children make the necessary progress and are challenged appropriately, teachers plan enjoyable, engaging and inspiring practical activities that mean the children are working hands-on; these lessons link science concepts to everyday life so the children can understand the world around them in a scientific way. Our lessons aim to develop a child's social skills by working in teams and encourage resilience, determination, perseverance, communication, collaboration, questioning and problem-solving.




Through the consistent use of the progressive skills document and ‘Snap Science’ tool,  staff are able to assess children during lessons and at the end of a unit. Each unit of work has a science assessment sheet looking at children of all abilities and enables teachers to see how they can challenge children and how to fill in potential gaps and plan accordingly.



Working Scientifically:

At Towngate we are always looking to provide the children with hands on experiments and encouraging them to think and work scientifically. This includes: making predictions, observing closely using simple equipment, answering questions and asking simple questions, recording and gathering data and carrying out a fair test.




As part of our broad and balanced curriculum we have developed a school eco team. Using our British Values each child has an opportunity to put themselves forward to be their class representative, each class votes for who they think will best suit this role.

Role of eco-team:

Eco team are passioniate about the environment and the world around them. They thrive to search for different ways the school can help the environment and contribute to helping the world we live in.


Here are some of the things eco team have achieved to date:


- Planted trees


- Planted flowers and herbs


- Made a wormery


- Placed a hedgehog house


- Released frogspawn into the pond


- Made bug hotels


- Fundraised


- Made Christmas decorations from natural materials


- Researched and gone around school to see how we can save energy


Last year, with the support of the PTA eco team rasied money to have our very own school pet! Meet Shelly, our school tortiose that has provided each class with different experiences and opportunities. Throughout the year each class is provided with the chance to care for Shelly and have her in their classroom. 

Actions for this academic year:

Eco team are planning to fundraise to adopt an endangered animal, make winter bird feeders and research more ways we can recycle in school. The eco team are also hoping to collect and recycle used batteries! Look out for any batteries and bring them into school.




Please visit our twitter feed to see what we are learning across the school in science:




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